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About Me

Have you ever felt called to something? Truly called. As if the very notion of what you're about to embark upon was hard wired into your DNA and nothing could possibly stand in your way?

I'm a mom, wife, entrepreneur and natural wellness enthusiast who's happiest when helping others. Each of these are hard-wired into me and fill my cup with JOY.

My mission? To help as many families as possible transform their wellness trajectory so that they, too, can pursue happiness without hesitation. To help YOU begin a journey that sets YOUR soul on fire.

I've always been so frightened of my girls getting sick. Changes in weather, school starting, birthday parties - so many opportunities for them to be unwell! I love knowing that I have these oils in my momma toolkit to help with anything that we may have brought home - it's been life changing. Thank youuuu!

- Amanda, Mom of 2