About Me

Have you ever felt called to something?


Truly called. As if the very notion of what you're about to embark upon was hard wired into your DNA and nothing could possibly stand in your way?


In 2014, while pregnant with my first daughter, I started thinking more seriously about wellness and its impact on everything in our home. My husband and I carefully considered each food choice, thought long and hard about which diapers we would use, talked about our parenting rules and strategies for childcare.

Fast forward to 2016 and her first preschool experience...we were sick ALL THE TIME. Every pediatrician, nurse, family friend and fellow parent had "warned" us - this was the way of the world - but after 6 straight weeks of her coughing herself awake, coughing until she threw up, virus after virus and starting to dip in growth and development...I said ENOUGH. There has to be a better way!

So, like every other mom in the world, I was up all night Googling things on my phone and came across essential oils. And, like every other choice we made as parents, I researched like crazy and spreadsheeted it out. Who had the best stuff? How much was it going to cost me? Who could I TRUST?! Because let's face it - good advertising is just that...ADVERTISING. And I didn't want to be green washed into buying something that wasn't actually going to make a difference.

Enter Young Living. For our family, there's never been and will never be another option. Never have I seen or interacted with a more socially and ethically responsible company before. Never have I felt empowered to take control of the toxins in my home. Never have I experienced results like this. I bought that first box of oils without hesitation. Two days later...we were WELL. No more coughing from Meredith. No more weight loss.

Ever since then, my calling has been clear. I began a ditch + switch journey, getting rid of toxic products in every corner of our home and introducing plant-based, oil-infused solutions that would SUPPORT our bodies instead of hinder them. My momma toolbox is full of wellness, and I'm forever grateful for it.

I'm a mom, wife, entrepreneur and natural wellness enthusiast who's happiest when helping others. Each of these are hard-wired into me and fill my cup with JOY.

My mission? To help as many families as possible transform their wellness trajectory so that they, too, can pursue happiness without hesitation. To help YOU begin a journey that sets YOUR soul on fire.

Let's do wellness, together.

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