It will open in a new window. Then it's as easy as following the instructions below!

Choose Membership


Select "Member" and "Continue."

Don't worry! No strings attached, just a lifetime 24% discount on everything YL sells.


Need more info? Check out these descriptions of retail versus wholesale customers!



A box will pop up with my name in it as your Sponsor + Enroller - just click continue! This will ensure you get access to our Roots + Valor page and the community we've created to help you get started - I'll get a notification as soon as your enrollment is complete!


Your Kit

When I bought my membership, I went with the Desert Mist Diffuser kit - but the beauty of YL is that you can choose for yourself! Thieves cleaning products your jam? ​Want a baller CBD Oil discount? You choose!

Looking for info on all our kits? Check this out!


to ER!

Say YES to Essential Rewards (more info here) and YES to using your kit as your first order! This automatically gets you $10 back with Young Living toward your next purchase AND will set you up to cash in on FREE shipping from me through August 31st. 

More info here!

Prepare for
Next Month


In this step, you'll select the products you'd like to include in NEXT month's ER order. Makeup, cleaning supplies, baby essentials, CBD oil, personal care products - you name it! You choose and change your order EVERY month (and as often as you want to in between).


Shop For
More Goods

Add any additional products to your cart that you'd like to come THIS month, right alongside your starter kit.



Click "Next," then enter your personal info in. You'll see a spot for your social security number - they only ask for this in case you decide to start referring friends! Skip it if you aren't interested.

Be sure to choose a PIN you'll remember!



This is our standard member agreement - rest assured if you see business language in there, this is NOT a requirement! Just a blessing available to you should you choose it later on, but not mandatory as part of membership. 

Enter your payment info - DONE!

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