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Backpack Packing

Where has the summer gone?! I‘ve got just two full weeks of summer left with my sweeties before they get back into the swing of the school year. It’s bittersweet, but I‘m looking forward to finding our new normal and having consistent routines we can rely on.

This week we received the enrollment packets from their school and I’ve been starting to plan ahead for packing lunches and backpacks accordingly. They may only be in preschool, but we still have lists from the school of must-have items to bring. I thought I’d share some of my favorite things for their backpacks. Items we’ve found are helpful, sustainable, healthy for them that also don’t break the bank!


  • Smoothies - these silicone freezer pop molds are amazing for storing smoothies. I make them ahead and store them in the freezer. By lunchtime they’re thawed enough to eat and the help keep the lunchbox cool!

  • Muffins - Blueberry ones. Pumpkin ones. Apple spice ones. My kids love a good muffin! Sometimes I blend spinach up and toss that into the batter as I’m making them...sneaky way of getting nutrients into toddler bodies. Again, make ahead and store them in the freezer - no one has time to bake muffins every week. This recipe from my favorite food blogger, Lisa, at 100 Days of Real Food is my favorite!

  • NingXia Red - This isn't your childhood juice box, friends. It's superfruit goodness that's straight-up brain food! Who wouldn't want that in their kid's lunchbox? It comes in convenient pouches. The kids think they're getting a treat but in reality, I'm feeding their bodies and their minds with nothing but the best.

  • Pancakes - Use a kodiak cake mix or whole wheat flour and you have a variety of uses for these. I make some thick and fluffy to throw in as-is, and others super thin to act like sandwich bread for roll ups. So easy and they freeze so well!


  • Stainless Steel Water Bottles - these ones from Thermos are my absolute favorite. They come in solid colors (I’m not hugely into characters) and wash so easily. The kids can be rough with them but they still hold up. And replacement straws/parts are easily snagged on Amazon should I need them. They last forever!

  • Thieves Hand Sanitizer - Kills 99% of germs on contact without toxic ingredients? Yes, please! We buy the miniature ones and keep one in every bag we take with us out of the house. This stuff WORKS and is safe for your kids. Huge win.

  • Valor Essential Oil Blend - This blend is great for kids with nerves. Merry in particular will be in a new class this year, and while some of the faces will be the same, the experience will still be new and different. I put 15 drops of Valor in a roller bottle and top it off with coconut oil. She can roll it on herself whenever she needs it!

  • Insect Repellant wipes - These are literally a game changer. I was sending the full-on liquid repellant before, but these make life so much easier! They can do it themselves without making a giant mess and toss it when they’re done. Repels bugs and ticks safely!

What are your favorite backpack and lunchbox items? I’m always looking for new ideas and ways to plan ahead to make weekday life easier!

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