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Fueling Motivation

I can't resist a good meme. Just. Can't. Do it.

Some days I sit at the computer and work furiously, fueled by my passion for what I'm doing and the energy of those I'm doing it for. And other days, I sit down with a "to-do" list a mile long and all I want to do is watch ellentube for hours with no end in sight - you feel me?

For example, last week prepping class content and sharing my love of what I do with others...I worked for hours, had no idea what time it was, forgot to eat lunch and wasn't even mad about it. I LOVE doing that stuff, because helping others is my happy place. Ask me to figure out Instagram presets? Ya'll...I bought some of those 3 months ago and had to phone in some help from my sister last week to finally get that done. Am I happy I did? Absolutely. But I had to make myself do it.

We all have those days. When I'm feeling unmotivated or uninspired, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that seem to work for me:

  1. CHANGE OF SCENERY - Find a spot you LOVE to sit. Mine is on the screen porch or in the playroom (when the kids aren't here, preferably) because that's where the light seems to pour into this house.

  2. CALORIES THAT COUNT - If I'm really struggling to focus on something, having healthy food and drink nearby is a MUST. Otherwise, I will most certainly get up 10 times in an hour to get myself something and end up eating an entire tray of brownies for no reason AT all other than I told myself I was bored.

  3. FRESH AIR - Take a break and take a walk! Set the timer for 10 minutes and give yourself a chance to wander and get re-inspired. I personally love throwing a podcast in my ears while I do this (, but I'm also a fan of just enjoying nature with a good cup of tea in hand.

  4. TUNES - A good groove is sure to set my soul on fire. So if you ever see me out in the world at a coffee shop, jamming away with my hear buds in as I type? The secret is out. I'm probably listening to music with curse words in it since I can't do that when my kids are around.

What do you do to fuel your motivation? Also, please tell me your favorite podcasts, because I"m always looking for new ones to add to the mix!

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