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HOT TIP: Lemon oil to the rescue!

Has your toddler ever colored with permanent marker on your walls? How about crayon? Colored pencil? Heck....a regular pencil? Mine have done it ALL, but I’m happy to report a quick fix.

I used to use whatever cleaner I had under the sink for these jobs, but I was often left with one of two problems:

  1. I wasn’t comfortable using the cleaners around the kids, because the ingredients weren’t clean enough for my comfort. So I’d wait until they went to bed and let that stain just sit in a good while...ya’ll. This was never a good decision.

  2. Even if it WAS safe for use around the kids, it didn’t seem to do a good enough job. I was left with something that didn’t touch the stain or something that left some sort of smudge/stain on the wall.

Enter Lemon Essential Oil! For the same reason using a half of a lemon works to help clean and scrub a dingy microwave or oven (google that and your life is about to be changed) lemon oil works for wiping walls clean. Lemon essential oil contains the chemical constituent d-limonene, which is wonderful for breaking down grease and non-organic materials with ease.

I just throw a couple drops on a paper towel and get to work. When done, I use my Thieves Household Cleaner to give it all a quick wipe and remove any residue. Voila! Check out this video and you'll see for yourself!

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