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I Boarded a Plane

This morning I boarded a plane. Bound for Salt Lake City again, this time courtesy of the company I’ve fallen head over heels for these past few years. How crazy is that? Two years ago if you would have said, “Brittany, you are going to meet some of your very best friends on the internet. You are going to earn an all-expense-paid trip to spend time with them, learn with them, grow with them. You are going to run a baller business from your home, with 2 small children underfoot, and you are going to LOVE every second of it.” Yup, I would have looked at you like you were crazy. But here I am - on a plane this morning with a heart full of gratitude. This business has breathed new life into a mom who was struggling to find herself in the diapers and the dishes and the laundry. It’s given me a path to be BOTH an amazing mom AND an entrepreneur. Its given me permission to stop feeling bad about the fact that I don’t love being ONLY a mom and that I also love working alongside other boss moms, chasing dreams and showing our children that can do both. If you’re at home loving every second: you’re a BALLER MOM. Give yourself permission to be proud of that. To show your kids that being a stay at home mom is baller and brave and selfless and incredible. If you’re a working mom and you love it: you’re a BALLER MOM. Give yourself permission to not feel guilty being away from your kids to pursue your passions. You’re showing them that its ok for them to do that, too. If you’re struggling with where you’re at: you’re a BALLER MOM. There’s nothing wrong with the struggle. It makes us stronger. Give yourself permission to chase a dream for yourself, pursue a hobby for yourself, tackle a project for yourself. It’s ok. You’ll be better for it and your kids will be better for it, too. Will I miss my kids this weekend? Yes. But when I got to airport security today and went to take off my jacket, I found this heart-shaped hair clip in the pocket. My personal hug from the girls to carry with me wherever I go. They’re with me every second, every step. See you soon, Salt Lake.

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