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Let's Talk About Our Periods

Gentlemen, avert your eyes and ear holes because it’s gonna get girlie up in here. We’re talking lady stuff. You’ve been warned. 

It’s always a running joke among women that those who live together, period together. But it’s really no joke. Women who live together tend to end up on the same cycle and that is certainly what’s trying to go down in this house. 

My sister living here has meant my body (and hers) are all out of whack, trying to figure themselves out and sending us both reeling. I have a lot of respect for my body and what it’s capable of, but going through the adjustment isn’t exactly a party.

In addition to indulging in those chocolate peanut butter brownies you witnessed me stirring last week, I have an arsenal of oils and supplements I like to whip out when I know #auntflo is coming to visit.

  • Progessence Plus: This blend contains yam-extracted progesterone, I’ve found has helped regulate me emotionally no matter what time of the month it is. I apply 2 drops to my inner ankles twice daily and it's made a huge difference in how my entire cycle feels. Ladies. This stuff is for REAL. I'll never be without.

  • Dragon Time: Hello flow control. Seriously. As soon as I start feeling crampy I apply this to my abdomen and rub in a clockwise motion. 3 times daily, minimum. Crazy how much lighter my days are and how much more comfortable I am. 

  • Copaiba Vitality: Because Young Living took a line of their oils through the FDA for consumption approval, I feel comfortable adding this one to a veggie capsule and taking it internally those first couple days. Talk about relief! Adios, Midol!

  • Peppermint Heating Pads: Throw a few drops of peppermint on a warmed rice bag and apply to your abdomen while watching TV, wine and brownies in hand. Just sayin. You’ll feel like a totally different person.

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