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Let's Talk About Stress

Maybe you get stressed when you travel. Maybe when you’re overwhelmed by work. Maybe traffic is what gets you. Or relationship struggles. 

Or maybe when your kids are all screaming and talking at the same time and the radio is blasting and the dog is barking because the doorbell is ringing and the playroom looks like all of Disney's princesses and super heros descended upon it and left all their capes and cloaks behind.

I digress.

But it happens to us all. Stress is a normal part of living. It’s how you handle it and how long you let it get to you that matters. Studies show the long-term impacts of prolonged stress and ya’’s not good. 

But what can we DO to manage stress? Here are my top must-haves for stress management. I’m never short on stress, but always on strategies for managing it. So share YOURS! Sharing is caring. Let’s help each other out. 

  1. Deep breathing. It seems cliche, but it’s true. My favorite Apple Watch feature is the Breathe app. It has literally forced me to stop daily and take some deep breaths. 

  2. Exercise. Getting to the gym is an important release for me. I know my kids are cared for and my body appreciates the chance to work the stress out on the mat. 

  3. Chiropractic. One of my all-time favorite people in this universe is my chiropractor. She’s an amazing human, obviously, but she’s also changed the stress game for me. Adjustments actually help release stress built up in the body. Her bubbly, kind personality helps, too.

  4. Oils. Essential oils can help reprogram your brain to relax when used consistently. I smell oils when I’m relaxed so that when I’m stressed, they can help facilitate deep breathing and trigger my brain to chill out. Oils like Valor, Stress Away and Frankincense are my favorite for when I’m feeling flighty. 

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