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Let's Talk About the F Word


That's right. I said it.

The term "fragrance" or "parfum" is a blanket term used to represent more than 3,000 chemicals that can make up a product's scent profile. The FDA does not currently require perfume and cosmetic companies to disclose exactly what they are using to scent products. It's considered proprietary information, but the majority of them are extremely harmful.

By the Environmental Working Group's analysis, the majority of these chemicals are toxic to our health. They can lead to disruptions in the body's natural production of hormones, birth defects, decreased lung function and many are considered carcinogenic (meaning, known to cause cancers). Synthetic fragrances are found in everything from your shampoo to your toilet cleaner to your laundry detergent, and they can have serious long-term side effects.

Fragrance is the one ingredient that is permanently BANNED from our home.

Ever meet someone who can't be around burning candles? Worked for a company that bans perfumes and colognes in the office? Started sneezing or coughing while cleaning the bathroom? Many of these issues happen when synthetic fragrances are present, and we have no idea we're even being exposed to them.

Every time I teach an oils class people ask me about candles. "What if they're soy candles though?" It's not the candle wax itself that matters most - although some of those crappy ingredients are harmful, too - but the fragrances within that we're burning into the air and then inhaling into our bodies.

This is why essential oils have changed our wellness outlook at home. Everything we were using here contained synthetic fragrances of some kind. Now, instead of inhibiting our health with every day products, we're supporting our bodies.

Are you a candle addict? Switch to a diffuser. Need your laundry to smell fresh and clean? Grab a set of dryer balls on Amazon and put your oils on them. Fresh and clean without harmful side effects. Heck, if you buy an oils kit from me I'll send you a set for FREE! It already comes with a diffuser, so you'll be set!

Just ditch them, ya'll. And if you aren't sure what to switch to? Just ask! I can even help you shop the isles of TJMaxx more effectively (was just there snagging safe shampoo myself this morning).

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