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Oiling without fear

At this year's Young Living Silver Retreat I had yet another opportunity to hear from the lovely Lindsey Elmore - a pharmacist gone natural wellness advocate who is a magician when it comes to explaining complicated sciences in plain English. She talked about a lot of different things in regards to helping us grow our businesses, but the topic that stuck me the most was this: oil without fear.

Like her, I receive questions in my inbox ALL THE TIME related to fear and essential oils. Questions like:

  • Is it really safe to try while pregnant? Won't peppermint oil hurt my unborn baby?

  • I have a cat - won't diffusing essential oils slowly kill her?

  • Isn't it true that essential oils can burn a hole through your stomach when ingested?

Those are only the beginning. Now, I don't want you to think I don't take those questions seriously, because I do, but I also feel sad that there are those in the market using fear-mongering to deter people from giving essential oils a try.

Here's the honest truth, ya'll: If essential oils were really causing these kinds of issues, don't you think they'd be recalled and wiped from store shelves like some of the big-name household brands and their baby care products lately? If they were really killing cats, wouldn't there be more in the news about that? State and nationwide bans on their use?

So oil without fear, knowing millions of other moms and friends and coworkers and family members have done so before you with success and that YOU have control over what's allowed in your home. What do you have to lose?

And by all means, ask me all the questions, I'm here for it.

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