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Toddler Trickery: Homemade Turkey Nuggets

Confession, despite my best efforts to help my children avoid processed foods? It slips into their diets now and again. Like that time we were desperate for dinner after trick-or-treating in the cold...and I took them for their first-ever fast-food dinner. Meredith was 3 at the time and that experience has STUCK! She asks for chicken nuggets all the time!

Instead of taking her through the drive through or buying pre-made ones at the store we whip up a batch of these Easy Turkey Nuggets from the Hungry Happens blog - and they are delicious! I use whole-wheat breadcrumbs when I can find them and just skip the flour all together, as I find I really don't need it when I use whole-wheat crumbs. Tonight I served them with homemade sweet potato "fries" from the oven and some peas. My kiddos (and I...) gobbled them up and asked for seconds.

So good they only left me one in the pan to photograph! ;)

My favorite part about this recipe is that it's truly fast and easy. By the time the potatoes were out of the oven, the nuggets had been cooked and cooled. Everything was ready to go. 30 minutes from start to plates? Yes, please! These could easily be made ahead, too, and would make an excellent meatball.

What's your favorite quick and easy yet healthy dinner option?

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