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Trials + Errors of Potty Training

Let's just start out by saying, I thought I had this whole potty training figured out, and I WAS SO DARN WRONG! So, if you're someone who watches my social feeds regularly and thinks everything's all shiny and sweet over here? I'm about to blow your mind.

When we potty trained Meredith it was a piece of cake. We read the "Oh Crap!: Potty Training" book, followed that methodology exactly and BOOM - two days later she was potty trained. I can count on one hand how many accidents she had those first few months. Sure, she regressed a bit when Lenora was born and when we moved to our new home, but generally she was incredible. a totally different situation. She is stubborn. And trying. And thinks pooping on the floor is hilarious.

You read that right. Earlier this week she awoke from her nap. Before I noticed her awake on the monitor she managed to get her diaper off, pop a squat on the bed, finish on the rug and wipe her butt on the wall. I'm 100% serious. I actually watched part of it go down and had no idea what she was doing until I got up there to check on her.

The thing is, those first few days went great! She was on a roll, she was excited about it, she was succeeding and being praised like crazy. Then she had this one day of constipation and discomfort on the toilet - now she won't go back. Pee? No problem. Master of the peeing. But number 2 is elusive and frustrating.

So I'm re-reading the book. Rewarding only for number 2. Spending most of our days completely naked so she doesn't have the sensation of a diaper, pull up, underwear or pants to crap in. Peppermint in the potty to try and stimulate it. Trying ALL OF THE THINGS.

So, come at me mommas. What am I missing? Because I don't know how many more days I can deal with the mystery poop-of-the-day locations.

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