• Brittany Cusick

Where it all started

In case you're new around these parts, here are a few things you should know about me:

👉🏻 I’m a work from home mom with two little girls, Meredith (4) and Lenora (2)

👉🏻 I’m a huge wellness enthusiast who’s also perfectly content housing a bag of Cheetos when asked to (its all about balance, right? 😂) 👉🏻 I'm unafraid to say the hard stuff, even if it means ruffling a few feathers here and there, but it's always from a place of caring deeply for those around me, sometimes too much.

Before motherhood? I was a career woman, through and through. I went to business school, pursued a career in public relations, LOVED IT and always knew I would find my way back to that. Friends are always asking me, "why oils? What about them made you want to start a business like this?" What they mean is, "how could a career woman do one of those MLM things??"

And here's the truth. This "business" started the way most things do for me: with my kids. When my oldest started preschool for the first time, I expected her to get sick. We all do, right? But she got REALLY sick. Over and over and over again. 6 weeks straight with a cough and raspy voice and poor appetite. She was losing weight and we were getting concerned with her development - which had been completely normal/average up to that point. She was 2! That wasn’t supposed to happen!

After ruling out major issues with her pediatrician, we started evaluating essential oils as a way to support her immune system more naturally. TWO DAYS after getting my first kit...she was well. And other than a minor cold here and there, my kids have been well ever since. Only 1 missed day of school over the past two years.

At first I thought it was a coincidence, but the more my friends asked, the more I shared, the more success they had and boom: a business was born.

Oils don’t have to be complicated. Wellness doesn’t have to be complicated. Building a legacy for my kids and my family doesn't have to mean me sitting in an office all day, and I love that I get to chose my children that alternative path.

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